Creative Writing Story 3

Knock. Knock. Knock.  That echoes through my house as I get up out of bed.  I rub my eyes and stumble over to the light switch. I pause before moving anywhere else, thinking I may have imagined it.  Knock. Knock. Knock. Thinking I heard a noise, I jump awake and hurry to turn on theContinue reading “Creative Writing Story 3”

Creative Writing Story 2

You open your eyes and view your surroundings. You’re home. The cabin looking interior is quite deceiving because, even though you would like to live in a cabin, your house is placed in the middle of a suburb. You sigh as you hoist yourself out of bed and to turn off the alarm. After youContinue reading “Creative Writing Story 2”

The Tale of John and the Missing Shoes

The house shook as John searched and rummaged for his shoes. “They were just next to my bag last night,” he thought to himself, “Or, at least I think they were.” His mom, who does not really insert herself in the mishaps of her son, is waiting – quite impatiently – at the door. ItContinue reading “The Tale of John and the Missing Shoes”