The Tale of John and the Missing Shoes

The house shook as John searched and rummaged for his shoes. “They were just next to my bag last night,” he thought to himself, “Or, at least I think they were.” His mom, who does not really insert herself in the mishaps of her son, is waiting – quite impatiently – at the door. It is his first day of Freshman year at Hanover High, and so far, he is showing that he is not quite prepared for what this new stage in his life holds. You see, John is very keen on losing his things: from his glasses to his phone, he has lost it all. One time, John’s dad was taking him on a camping trip and John lost his camping bag! 

This does mean that his mom is not surprised to see that her son is searching for something lost in the pile of junk he calls a floor. Despite the years of torture and torment his parents brought to him and his dirty floor, John has still never learned to clean up and keep it clean. 

“Come on! You’re almost late!” his mom shouted from the living room. And somehow, with the magic power moms have, as she said those words, his shoes somehow appeared next to his bag. “I knew it!” he thought to himself as he slipped them on and rushed out, almost forgetting his bag.

Words: 230

Time: 15 Mins

Revisions: 0

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Published by Asher Roland

I am an influencer on YouTube and other social media. I run the blog on my website, along with running a Youtube Channel with a small subscriber base. If I ever get a need to say something, I will be posting a podcast on, but for now that is a quiet platform.

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